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Taiba Sheheryar Talks about Sharing Love Beyond Borders


Taiba Sheheryar, runway star and the only Pakistani to leave her mark on the global fashion stage, believes deeply in crossing the barriers created by religion, gender, color, and governments. Growing up in Pakistan, Taiba was frustrated by the portrayal of India and Pakistan as being rivals and the conflict between the two countries. She also wanted women to support other women more.


“I believe very much that no matter our roots or where we come from, we are all made of blood and bones. We will all dissolve in the soil. All that matters is what we do between growing out of the roots and fading into Mother Nature. I often hear people say women don’t support women; I have always hated that statement. I, for one, have always believed that when women start supporting other women, it will bring about great changes in the environment that we live in and unlock incredible opportunities for us to grow even more. I want to use fashion to do this.”

Taiba was inspired to do her part to bring about more peace and love in the world, and she worked with her friend from India to show the power of women supporting women regardless of where they live. Check out this heartwarming picture of Taiba posing in Pakistan and her friend posing in India. Both women are wearing similar outfits and show that stereotypes and prejudice have no place in the world. Their photograph proves that these two women are deeply committed to loving others, even across borders.