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You can Scale Your Business with the Help of Codal


Looking to grow your audience, or scale your eCommerce? Well, Codal can do that for you. With over 12 years of experience and over 160 clients, their expertise and quality are unparalleled. Their competitive expertise and overwhelmingly high value are what you need.

Codal is a UX design and development agency that focuses on people and businesses without forgetting about the value of the customer experience. They employ a diverse range of staff from all different backgrounds and skill sets all with the goal to make the user experience more friendly, functional, and innovative. “There is a high level of clientele involvement, collaboration, and support.” 

The mission is simple, “Work with the best, design with a purpose, and engineer for a sustainable future.” Codal’s award-winning business is only growing and expanding, and since moving to the old historic post office in Chicago, they now have more than doubled their space. They have helped over 160 businesses and various clientele over the last 12 years and plan on doing even more during the pandemic. Over the next 5 years, they are going to scale their company further. They already have 3 offices in Chicago, the USA, India, and England.

On the other hand, Keval Baxi, CEO of Codal says that there have been some rough patches due to the pandemic. Although they grew at such a fast pace, it was a bittersweet transition to remote work. “We added more than 50 people during COVID and working from home made it very hard to have a culture and onboarding. Plus, not being able to see clients was hard.” But, Baxi says you have to focus on your business, “focus on the goal, build the right team and make sure you nail the process of whatever you are doing. You have to hire the smartest people you can find because people run the business, not the product or services.”

Through hard work, excellence, and goals in mind, Codal is ahead of its competitors. Their focus on transparency, high-quality service and workmanship, and efficiency set them apart. In their industry, they lead. In user interface and experience design, the importance of simplicity and attractive spaces is king. The value of their expertise is high.

Codal’s UX service supports a number of large names such as Pepsi, Motorola, Charles Schwab, AOL, Feeding America, and Intuit Quickbooks. Codal operates worldwide garnering attention for its transparency, work ethic, and innovation. “We’re in the business of solving real-world problems with digital solutions.” Research and strategy go before any design is discussed. Client company projections and objectives are collected and then a UI or UX scheme and the process can begin to ensure simplicity, ease of use, and an attractive layout for employees or customers. “While Codal’s engineers are masters of app and web development in all its forms, we’re not just well-versed in the industry standards. Codal prides itself in harnessing state-of-the-art technology, from IoT-integrated platforms to augmented and virtual reality.”

Codal COO Matt Gierut and Brent Rousseau

Partnership between client and company is key at Codal. Success is found in the results-driven approach to satisfying the client and the customer. From Software engineering and technology-based solutions for development and design to the customer experience in eCommerce operations, to A.I. and app creation, to website maintenance and support, and so much more.

Codal’s expertise and adaptability are what anyone wanting to scale or optimize their company would need. They are there for every need, question, project, solution, innovation, and scale. They work around the clock for their client base, their passion, and the success of their company and it shows.