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Juan Zurita of _getithowyouliveit Wants to Work With More Creators


A self proclaimed, “creative genius”, Juan Zurita of the design brand _getithowyouliveit is a photographer, graphic designer, and animator showcasing his art on Instagram. Based in the Bay area, Zurita has been surrounded by arts and culture. “I have always felt like a pretty creative person. It’s something I enjoy and am good at,” he says. Some of the artists he has designed for are some of the largest names in the music industry. “Recently I worked with WolfTyla, Duchi Da Vinchi, and Cliftun. I love making album covers; at first I didn’t even know that was something I could be paid to do,” Juan said, laughing a little. “I do want to branch out though and work with more independent brands or artists and people just developing their brands.” 

Juan’s work schedule is pretty full nowadays, he works full time in tech and moonlights full time in design. With all of the hours that he works he manages to keep the creativity flowing. “You have to surround yourself with as many creative outlets as possible,” Juan explained. “Building your audience is also very inspiring as well.” _getithowyouliveit as a brand is nothing short of creative. His trendy stylistic art captivates and intrigues. “I have to keep creating otherwise I won’t improve, this process is so necessary for growth and that is what keeps me going. It’s crazy to look back on the stuff I used to make compared to what I do now. That difference is all I need to see,” he says.

Juan’s identity is something that has grown with him. Growing up and currently hailing from the Bay area, he has been surrounded by arts and culture most of his life. The designer’s brand _getithowyouliveit was born there. For his future, Juan feels really passionately about it. “I really hope to work with a label or become an Art Director,” Juan says excitedly. “There is strong importance for networking to make that happen.”

Juan’s network is growing, he recently had been invited by an artist to be trained further as a graphic designer. His movement into the unknown has been a bit of an adjustment for him. “I work full time in tech and full time as a designer and one of the hardest things I had to overcome was my time management,” Juan says. “I can say now that it has been easier to deliver and I take pride in that ability to have designs ready by a certain time.” He used to feel like he had to be in a certain “creative zone” to create things, which is something he still has moments in, but because creativity breeds from other creative inspiration, he has ways to stay motivated for the future. “I had a Facebook internship in 2019 for tech not design, but I was so influenced and inspired it was amazing. I take what I learned there and easily apply it to my design and motivation,” Juan explains. 

Juan’s designs are clean, structured, and captured, and a lot of his photography brings you into a singular moment, creating intimacy and awe. His more futuresque designs are carefully constructed and eye-catching drawing you back to it. His collage work makes a busier scene that invites you in and leaves you connected with its design.  A lot of his photography is found here but his current website contains more album art and current designs with motion and 3D designs. 

“I worked really hard to get to where I am now,” Juan says. “I look forward to the future of my brand because I can really see it taking off and developing into something bigger.” The process that Juan utilizes fosters the most creativity and taps into a passionate drive. “I love what I do and I love working with people to visually communicate and identify their brand. I want to expand to doing that later on.” _getithowyouliveit is gaining traction on Instagram with almost 3,000 followers and his hard work has paid off.