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Reveal Laboratories: Rising to Meet the Addiction Crisis


Reveal Laboratories understands the science, psychology, and healing behind our nation’s major health crises, including the drug and alcohol addictions that have skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lifestyle/economic issues that have resulted.

Founder Will Vigil explains how Reveal Laboratories helps:

“Reveal Laboratories is a High Complexity Toxicology Laboratory specializing in UDT (Urine Drug Testing), primarily for Substance Use Treatment Facilities, Behavioral Health Organizations, Medication Management Clinics & Private Practices. With the Coronavirus

 Pandemic on our hands, we’ve recently added Covid-19 and Respiratory Pathogen Panels, to ensure our clients can safely keep  continuing providing support and treatment services to their patients struggling with addiction & behavioral issues.”

Vigil continues,

“Our business demand has already gone up by over 40% and climbing due to the rise of addiction that is on the rise as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Vigil explains. “Our lab does well because we are not only a laboratory focused on toxicology; we also provide medical billing, which coupled together provides our clients ease of mind that everything is under one roof.”

Executive Vice President Ashley Cook explains how Reveal has maintained resiliency as it’s grown: “My biggest take-away from the last year is “trust but verify”… if something (or someone) sounds too good to be true, there’s a good chance it is. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reading the fine print. Do your due diligence when building partnerships and relationships and keep value and integrity at the forefront of your decisions, not revenue.”

Vigil continues,

“At Reveal Laboratories our entire ownership and management team is in sync with always putting value and integrity at the forefront of our decisions and we are all grateful for each other’s hard work, as the key to abundance is gratitude.”

Reveal has cultivated a healthy and vibrant team focused on changing lives and standing in the gap for those suffering due to the difficulties brought upon by COVID-19.

Vigil explains what he hopes Reveal becomes:

“We see ourselves as one of the nation’s leaders in our industry, operating labs throughout the United States of America. Great demand for our company and what we provide has already catapulted us into this direction.”

Learn more at http://www.reveallaboratories.com/