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The Modern Millionaires: Redefining How People Earn Wealth


Entrepreneurship appeals to many people because they can set their own hours, keep more of the profits, and, of course, be their own boss. It’s also true, however, that 90% of startups fail in the first three years. Those are some big odds, but if you have the drive to run your business, choose the right industry to jump into, have realistic steps to take to get your business off the ground and run it, and receive guidance from experienced mentors, those odds can go down. Sound like a tall order? Not necessarily. Abdul Samad, Chance Welton, and their team at The Modern Millionaires are leading their clients to success with their digital marketing companies, and the company is proving that the daunting 90% statistic faced by entrepreneurs can be lowered.

Chance says that one reason their clients succeed is because The Modern Millionaires’ training is practical and thorough. “We don’t gloss over the details. To run a thriving digital marketing business, we help you make sure that all aspects of your company are strengthened and work well together.” Chance pauses for a moment, thinking, then continues. “It’s also true, though, that no matter how good our help is, it wouldn’t be effective if digital marketing weren’t such a booming industry. It is exploding. From 2009 to 2019, it grew from 5.6% to 16% of total retail sales in the United States. That’s according to a Bank of America report, and who doesn’t believe it will continue to grow, especially after so many people went online during last year’s lockdown? This is exactly the right time for you to start your digital marketing company, and The Modern Millionaires shows you how to do it.”

Abdul stresses, however, that a person’s drive is crucial. “We give you the tools to succeed, but it’s true that they must be combined with your desire to make your digital marketing company grow and generate the profits you want. What are your revenue goals? Some clients are satisfied with making $10,000/month, and we can certainly help you to do that. For those who want to make more, The Modern Millionaires can teach them to do that, too.”

The beauty of starting a digital marketing business, Chance explains, is that it’s easy to get started selling to an almost limitless pool of potential customers. The average person doesn’t need millions of dollars or thousands of employees to take advantage of this movement. “In the past, they did,” Chance says. “When the big corporations came onto the scene during the Industrial Revolution, they had to spend incredible amounts of money to get going and to hire many people. That’s not true today because our technology has evolved. With digital marketing, you need yourself, a good business plan, your computer, of course, and minimal capital. It’s revolutionizing how people earn their living.”

Chance and Abdul know what he’s talking about. Abdul has started several seven-figure digital businesses. He is also a #1 international, best-selling author and speaker and has been mentioned in publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur. His mindset and systems for marketing, sales, and business are known as the secret ingredient behind thousands of successful digital marketers, salespeople, and entrepreneurs. His unique advisory style comes with first-hand experience: he actually built his businesses without any money or contacts. What he did have was heart and innate talent. He is truly a self-made millionaire, and he now uses what he knows to help his clients take their lives and businesses to the next level.

Abdul is also the owner of Lions Digital Solutions, a company that leads its clients to exponential growth through unique, effective strategies and a focus on high-ticket sales. The business’ mission is to assist customers with scaling up their companies while simultaneously working fewer hours and having more time off. LDS’ proven formulas increase customer engagement, brand awareness, and ROI. 

Abdul’s other company, Officeless Agency, helps its clients take advantage of a recession-proof industry: online billboard ads. “They are simple to set up and take little time to manage,” he explains. “The wonderful thing about them is that they produce consistent, predictable income for you, and they can be run from anywhere, anytime. You can see why it’s becoming a very effective way to earn money and provide a good living for yourself.”

Chance is the founder and CEO of Beachwood Marketing Firm, a tech company that specializes in helping local business owners grow their revenue by acquiring high-paying customers every month. Beachwood Marketing Firm’s processes are unlike anything clients find in 99% of the market. That specialization means the company is able to generate results in the top 1%. Beachwood Marketing Firm is selective about whom it works with and partners only with businesses committed to the growth and service quality of their product or service.  

Chance and Abdul want to emphasize that there is no instant way to earn wealth. “Of course not,” Chance says. “Our own came from a lot of hard work. What Abdul and I have learned, however, is that all of us have the potential to earn more than we are now and to take back control of our time. That is what The Modern Millionaires does: we show people how to determine how much their paycheck is and spend their time on what is most important to them.”