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Never gonna stop is a song within its own league


So many kids grow up watching their favorite artists live a lavish life full of riches and fame that it inspires them to try and earn that same wealth and fame, but it usually does not turn out the way they imagine it will. Being motivated by money and fame can only take you so far, here’s a look at what it’s like when creating a genuine sound is your motivation. Adam Derek Bennett, Professionally known as Snazzy Phade, is a flourishing artist who was able to navigate his way through the harsh trials and tribulations of the music industry. He was born November 24,1992 in Tulsa Oklahoma but spent a majority of his life in Manteca, CA. He grew up very close to the Bay Area culture and ended up majoring in Audio engineering/Music production at SAE Institute/Expressions College in Berkeley, CA which he graduated from in 2016. He pursued this major because even in his early teenage years he knew that he had a true passion for music and wanted to become a successful artist. This passion for music followed him throughout his college years and motivated him to graduate as class valedictorian with the highest overall GPA and the most hours logged in the class, he put in nearly double the hours of everyone else that attended. He has always gone the extra mile and put in more hours than his peers so that he could always be one step ahead of them, it is what has brought him so far. 

Although Snazzy Phade only recently began his career in 2018, he now has over 45 songs out on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, ect! He is a record label owner and recording artist, he owns Phaded Records. He manages his label and recording when he is not doing his freelance audio engineering. Adam is Pro tools 101 Certified and only uses the best quality plugin bundles to mix and master for his clients. He received lots of his inspiration from the Bay Area music culture as well as Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Mac Dre, e40, Too Short, and Hyphy Movement. He released Never Gonna Stop, in 2018 and even though he had only recently begun making music, it was clear that his heart was in it. The beat opened with a mellow tone that attracted the listener and set the mood for the rest of the song. The sound of the vocals is similar to many famous rock bands in the past, it was a familiar yet fresh sound.

It is clear that this song was made as a message for Snazzy Phade to send to his audience, it was his entrance to the music industry. The song attracted many listeners simply because once you heard the song it gave you a wave of feelings that heightened your emotions and made you feel good. It is the perfect song to listen to while going for a run or trying to get pumped up at the gym.