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The Future of Modern Brokers of America and Solar Energy


Solar energy is in.

The odds are that as you’ve explored your city or town and the surrounding areas, you’ve seen more solar panels pop up, like the ones in the picture above.

Perhaps you’ve even invested in solar energy yourself. 

As more consumers become energy conscious and seek money-saving alternatives to power their lives, the solar energy industry has had an unprecedented boom. Founder of  Modern Brokers of America and CEO Nefi Shanon has stayed on the forefront of the movement.  

“We are solar brokers,” Nefi states. “We shop around all the main solar installers nationwide and locally to give homeowners the best bang for their buck in their area.” 

Because there are so many options and opportunities with solar energy now, the average prospective consumer needs help navigating their options.

Modern Brokers of America partners with companies to help homeowners save time and money searching for solar.  

The essence of Nefi’s vision to serve customers is old-fashioned grit. 

“My parents instilled honesty and a hard work ethic in me at a young age,” Nefi shares. “I grew up in a small football town in Massillon, Ohio.” Nefi continues, “My mom is an immigrant from an underdeveloped country, and my father comes from a family where no one has ever attended college or owned a business.” Nefi continues, “I got into sales right after playing football and running track and discovered I was good at it.” 

Naturally, Nefi turned his sales acumen into a set of systems that didn’t depend on personality, but on following a formula anyone could use. “I decided that the system for sales that most companies were using must be insufficient if only very few could succeed and so many had such high turnover,” Nefi explains. “So, I designed a sales system where it wasn’t required to be super charismatic or creative, but if you just worked hard and learned simple systems, you could be successful.”

Nefi decided to take control. “I had a system for sales that no one else was using, and it was scalable. I had the trust in myself and work ethic to take a gamble, and it paid off,” Nefi shares. “We started pursuing solar energy during the pandemic,” Nefi explains. “Since restrictions were lifted, the company has started scaling aggressively, opening offices in Austin, Houston (headquarters), Tampa, Dallas, and Orlando.” He continues, “In the first six months, we only did a little over $8 million in sales revenue, but now we are averaging over almost $2 million a week in revenue with a 12-month forecast of over $100 million.”

“I am not passionate about sales. I am, however, passionate about winning,” Nefi states. “Sales is just a particular industry where you earn rewards for the work you put in.” The solar movement has already launched, and the world is heading in the direction of renewable energy. “There are many benefits of renewable energy and so much money to be saved, regardless of where you stand politically,” Nefi states. “And with our “GO SOLAR SAVE NOW” program, you can save in no time with no money down and no upfront install costs whatsoever.” He continues, “So, it doesn’t matter what your financial situation is. We can help you save right away.”

Nefi Shannon feels that the path to success is about setting a goal that requires you to change your habits or actions to achieve that specific result and then repeating that process. It sounds obvious and cliche, but that is how you get there. There are no shortcuts. “I decided I wanted to be a millionaire before 30, so after countless interviews of being told a millionaire dollar income was ridiculous, I decided the only way to make a million a year was to start my own company, Nefi shares. “I completed that goal by the time I was 28. Now I have new goals to help other people become millionaires, and thanks to our new partners and the solar industry, I can also make that dream a reality.”

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