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Great Things Evolve, But Conventional Headphones Haven’t: Until Now


Great things evolve… take music, for instance. The first audio recording occurred around 150 years ago. The concept that sound could be captured and preserved was so revolutionary that it transformed the world and democratized listening to and enjoying music. 

Soon, we had ceramic records. Then, vinyl records., Then, 8-tracks. This was when things began to move more quickly, as music was digitized, and 8-track technology gave people the ability to listen to multiple songs on one device, something revolutionary for its time. If only they could’ve seen the future, or how quickly it would come.

After 8-track technology came the rise of cassette tapes, which allowed people to listen to entire albums on one compact piece of plastic that worked like magic inside a stereo. Not long after this came the advent of the compact disc, an incredible revolution itself for its time that allowed a much higher quality of sound in an even smaller space and sleeker design. If people playing vinyl records could see into the future and understand the power of the compact disc, it would be almost inconceivable.

The portable MP3 player quickly came upon the heels of the 2000s, ushering in a stratospheric acceleration of music’s evolution. Moving to pass the limitation of 15 or 20 songs on a CD, now listeners could have hundreds of songs on a device that could fit in the palm of their hand.

The technology rapidly accelerated; soon, there were MP3 devices that allowed for listeners to have thousands of songs available to them. Imagine what vinyl record listeners would have thought if they could have seen 50 years into the future to observe this technology.

Of course, the musical evolution has kept growing, and exponentially so. Now, we have access to a virtually limitless library of music, podcasts, and much more through streaming platforms, content databases, and so on. Within 10 seconds of a search, you can listen to virtually any song ever written. Sometimes it’s easy to take a sentence like that for granted. 

Great things evolve…

There is an anomaly, however, in the evolution of great things. The headphone, the world’s most common method to listen to all of this music, has not evolved in its design or function in more than a century, predating all of the technological evolutions noted in this article.

Why haven’t headphones caught up to the developments of other music technology?

Who knows… but the wait is over. The evolution of headphones has arrived by Dome Audio.

Dome headphones offer a new option of connectivity and productivity via their open-ear listening capability. Whether this involves public commuting and travel, remote work, homeschooling, collaborative work, and the list go on, Dome’s technology is the upgrade in the listening experience the headphone industry has been needing for decades. 

The main benefit is that this allows someone to fully enjoy their podcast or latest EDM hit while allowing the ear to remain fully open and able to take in external sounds, something a traditional headphone either greatly minimizes or eliminates. 

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