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MOB Hookah: The AK-47 Shaped Hookah Celebrities Love


MOB Hookah is the leading brand in hookahs and is projected to sell over $10 million this year. For a brand that started back in 2014 in Mehdi’s garage with a unique hookah design and an investment of $15,000, the owners, Mehdi and Karim Elamrani are continually amazed that celebrities like Drake, Justin Bieber, Fabulous, Migos, MGK, Big Latto, Tyga, Brody Jenner, Dan Balzarian, Xzibit, Wakaflocka, Miguel, Shaq, and others support the MOB Hookah with their purchases. 

Smoke Like a Celebrity 

Their flagship store, where they hold celebrity appearances, is located on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, one of the most trendy areas in L.A. The shop was designed to fit the brand’s needs, featuring customized pieces from the talented artist Dalsinky and other artist collaborations. 

You can find all their designs on MOB Hookah’s site which features over a hundred different Hookahs and accessories. Their hookahs are beautifully crafted to be the centerpiece of any room. They are all unique in style and design, with raving reviews about the quality and craftsmanship. 

There’s a design for every personality type, such as Diamond: an elegant German-designed hookah; Smookah Onyx Venus: made out of beautiful bone material for an extra sleek look; and the futuristic Halo: designed to teleport you to another dimension. The brand continues to work with various artists to produce one-of-a-kind hookahs. 

We try to personalize the experience, including custom-made hookahs to meet the customer’s needs,” Mob Hookah explains. “We want our customers to have a luxurious smoking experience.” MOB Hookah also carries a vast line of new and unique flavors from the industry leaders of flavored tobacco, selling the finest Shisha Hookah tobacco on the market. The brand also plans to sell its line of tobacco soon. 

 The AK-47 shaped Hookah

The brand started back in a garage in 2014 with a unique hookah design and an investment of $15,000. The investors began promoting the brand organically on Instagram, and it just took off from there. 

The brand features its designs on its social media platforms and shows live demonstrations on YouTube. It’s this kind of marketing that has helped the brand take off. MOB Hookah is now projected to sell over $10 million this year, and they say they are just getting started. The brand has become one of the most popular hookah brands in the world, with 122k Instagram followers, 13k Facebook Likes, and 40k subscribers on YouTube. 

It all started when Karim came to Mehdi with a design; it was an AK-47 shaped Hookah, and that was the moment MOB Hookah was born. “I don’t like the violence associated with guns,” Karim clarifies. “When I created the AK-47 shaped hookah, I just thought it would be cool.” He didn’t even own a gun when he started working on the design. “I thought this would be a great idea, but no one else did,” Karim says laughing. “No one took me seriously, and I needed start-up money!”

Karim approached Mehdi Marrakchi, whose mind was immediately blown by the concept, and he decided to partner with him, using all the money he had at the time, which was $15,000. After that, the business partners contacted a couple of factories overseas, found one that was the right fit, and took a flight to vet their idea. 

The brand is now planning to take its hookah designs beyond the internet and L.A. “In the next few years, we plan to expand the business to South American and European markets.” MOB Hookah states. “We have a lot of vendors who are ready to invest in a franchise, so that’s something we are also considering.” The brand’s priority is establishing more shops in L.A. and other major cities like Miami and Dubai. 

The Future of the Industry

MOB Hookah believes that the hookah industry is just getting started and will only continue to grow. “The only thing that has affected our growth are the regulations surrounding hookahs and tobacco, but we can work with that,” Mehdi and Karim Elamrani say. “Our advice for other entrepreneurs is to be proactive and patient,” they explain, “Those qualities are important in any business.” When MOB Hookah first launched, there were a lot of unknowns. Many startups start with limited resources and end up flourishing. MOB Hookah is proud of the obstacles they’ve overcome to get to this place. They never thought they would see this kind of success, and they believe this is only the beginning. 

For more information email: info@mobhookah.com

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