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Travel with Sam Instagram Page Offers Followers a Powerful Escape


One of the benefits of the COVID-19 pandemic was that people began exploring more travel pages in their increased online time at home.

Sam Freij’s Instagram Page Travel with Sam couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. The page began in 2016 but started to gain traction in March of 2020, making it more accessible to Instagram users looking to escape lockdown. I’m glad I could provide an escape during that awful time,” Sam says. “I’ve always had a great passion for travel, food, and cars.”

And he’s combined these passions well. Sam works as a senior manager in the automotive industry, but he is now an influencer with more than 256,000 followers. His travels have become a second business opportunity. As the page continues to gain a following, it is also gaining the attention of significant media outlets. 

Through his Instagram journey, he has interacted with many successful brands such as International Presidente Cancun, one of the most pristine and magical beaches in Cancun, the incredible Hyatt Aruba, and Ooni Ovens. “That’s where my love for making homemade pizza from scratch using Italian flour sparked.” He has also made new friends from all over the world from countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, Turkey, Dubai, Doha, and Kuwait. “I can’t tell you how humbling it is to receive comments and direct messages from people inviting me to visit their country,” Sam shares. 

The most recent posts on the page showcase the diversity of content you can get from Travel with Sam. There’s a post for flying out to a destination, a beachside sunset, and a firewood-baked Lahmajin made by Sam Freij himself. Those homemade meals are an additional highlight of the page, along with the vacation destinations, but food from those visits is also featured frequently. 

The travel page prides itself on its consistency and diverse content. Sam encourages anyone looking to start a successful Instagram page to strive for the same qualities. Content that you can expect to see on your feeds that is familiar and yet unique, with each post bringing users back to popular pages. 

Travel with Sam has covered dozens of countries, but the most frequently visited destination is in the Mexican Caribbean region of Yucatán, specifically Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Isla Contoy. The page often showcases the beautiful resorts and beaches in the area and the food and drink options they offer. Press in Cancun has also noticed the page leading to some exciting networking opportunities.

Hyatt Aruba and Intercontinental Presidente Cancun have both featured the Instagram page. With followers from all over the world, they hope to continue to gain opportunities with other media outlets across the globe to give exposure to the page, as well as to travel destinations in each publication’s area. “I am really looking forward to this next trip to the Intercontinental Presidente Cancun, where our newly hired producer and professional photographer, Tony Kaloti, will join me,” Sam explains. 

Sam’s self-starting attitude has afforded him the ability to travel and create content. “I consider myself to be a self-made entrepreneur,” Sam explains. “I got where I am today on my own.” He loves to respond to comments and messages about his travels. He offers advice to help followers plan their travel destinations and give them an idea of what to expect in specific areas.

He especially loves to help set up itineraries for his friends and followers traveling to  Mexico, which is near to his heart because of the history, culture, and cuisine. “At times, it feels like people are trying to live through me vicariously,” Sam Freij says, laughing. “I’m happy to help people experience the amazing places I’ve been.” 

Sam will be traveling to Mexico starting October 21, so stay tuned!

For more information, follow the Travel with Sam page (@travel_with_sam) on Instagram.

Travel with Sam