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Hanging Out with CEO Madison Gorn in Palm Beach


As the twenty-year-old owner and CEO of Maddie Girl Marketing, Madison Gorn doesn’t see much downtime. Between creating digital marketing plans for clients seen in  Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Sephora and cementing her place in the industry as one of its rising stars, she is hard at work transforming how companies market themselves on the Internet. While she loves the pressure and fun that come from helping her clients to optimize their online presence and reach their business goals, there’s something else she likes just as much: the beach. When I reached out to Madison to see if she had some time to talk about her unusual journey to becoming one of the country’s hottest young marketing executives, she invited me to join her on her Sunday morning stroll on Palm Beach. Madison and I met up one early November morning, kicked off our shoes, and got started walking and talking about Maddie Girl Marketing.

 “It’s been quite a journey,” Madison reflected as we walked along the shoreline. “It really is true how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that I was pounding up my mom’s eyeshadow and mixing it with Vaseline to make it shimmer.”

We both laughed at that, and I asked her if that was the start of Maddie Girl Cosmetics, her first company.

“Yes, it was an inglorious beginning,” she answered, pausing to pick up a shell. “The cool thing was that Mom got over it pretty quickly and helped me to set up this mini laboratory in my bedroom. I spent a lot of hours in my childhood there, mixing pretty much everything and seeing what it would create. I was trying to make cosmetics better, and there were times I made Mom model what I came up with.”

We laughed again. “When did you get interested in marketing?” I inquired.

“Sometime in high school,” Madison answered. “I needed a way to bring my products to a larger customer base, so I learned everything I could about online marketing. My sales tripled, and I realized that I was onto something: I could use what I knew to help other companies grow their profits, too. I decided to start Maddie Girl Marketing, and it’s grown into the successful company it is today.”

At Maddie Girl Marketing, she optimizes her clients’ online presence through social media marketing, branding, podcasting, and app development. “That’s just the start of what we do,” she explains. “My wonderful team members go even further and have one-on-one meetings with our clients, where they teach them how to effectively market their businesses themselves.”

They are responsibilities normally done by people twice her age, but Madison dismissed her youth, pointing instead to her marketing instincts and knowledge. “Why should anyone be surprised that someone my age is running a successful company?” she asked, leading us towards Clematis Cafe, where we planned to grab something to eat before heading back. “It’s not about how long you’ve been in the industry but about the strength and assets of your company. Maddie Girl Marketing is a one-stop shop for business leaders that want to grow their companies to the next level. We’ve created such a diverse menu of services that we can handle anything. That’s the power we have: no matter what our client’s request might be, we can handle it and exceed their expectations.”

I mentioned that it still had to be stressful to have such responsibilities on her shoulders.

“I don’t see it that way,” she answered thoughtfully, pushing open the door to the cafe and leading me inside. “I think I am just a business-oriented person. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial bent. To me, running a company is as natural as breathing. I’d be lost if I didn’t have an outlet for my ambition. When I’m in the flow and everything is clicking, I’m actually having fun. I’m having a blast because what I am really doing is helping to shape the country’s business leaders. I get to help a lot of awesome people, and it’s really very fulfilling.”

As Madison said, this is the perfect time of her life: she is living her dream of running a thriving company and helping people to meet their own goals as she takes Maddie Girl Marketing to the top of the industry, where she plans to continue innovating online marketing.

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