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Cancer Free Recipe Explores Alternative Treatment Options for Cancer


Filmmaker Christina Rose discusses her documentary, Cancer Free Recipe, in-depth. When I set out to make the documentary Walking Dogs, about cancer detection dogs, I never imagined the life-changing impact it would have.

I have had several members from both sides of my family die from cancer. I felt the impending doom that one day I would have to face the C-word myself. I was concerned, alarmed, uncertain, and afraid that I would be next. This is what prompted Walking Dogs.

Cancer Detecting Dogs

From Gatineau, Canada, Glenn Ferguson trained four dogs to detect cancer through a breath test. Glenn’s dogs—Indie, Romeo, Buster, and Jenkins, have proven to detect cancer at stages 1 and 2 when in a pre-cancerous state. No technological device in the medical community can detect cancer this early. 

Growing up with dogs from a young age, I didn’t need a lot of convincing that dogs could smell this deadly disease. What I hadn’t realized was the powerful program Glenn Ferguson had started. Not only was he doing something completely unprecedented in training his dogs to detect cancer, but he was also trying to save lives through a WFPB diet. 

Whole Food Plant Based Diet

One problem he faced was telling people that his dogs were detecting cancer at a stage the medical community couldn’t find. However, after a few years passed, and those, who were initially detected by his dogs ended up having a cancer diagnosis, Glenn started searching for his own answers. 

That’s when he came across the theory that a Whole Food Plant Based diet could stop cancer from growing and reverse the disease. Equipped with an opportunity to help people, Glenn had renewed hope in a program that would actually work. 

Cancer Free Recipe

Cancer Free Recipe follows John Rose, who has learned that a Whole Food Plant Based diet can stop the growth of cancer and perhaps reverse it. 

John was hospitalized numerous times after having a tumor in his pancreas removed. He now faces the onset of Barrett’s disease, a pre-cancerous condition of the esophagus. John has to evaluate his choices. He can follow a conventional medical practice of chemotherapy and radiation or incorporate new lifestyle changes. 

These lifestyle changes would include changing his diet, exercising, and reducing stress to condition his body and prevent problems in the future.

Alternatives to Traditional Cancer Treatment

After consulting with Dr. Ron Weiss, a Primary Care Physician and Botanist, who owns an organic farm in New Jersey, and Dr. Neal Barnard of the Barnard Medical Center in Washington, D.C., John had renewed hope.

Switching from an American diet that included meat, fish, chicken, and dairy products, John goes completely vegan. He eliminated all dairy and animal products and eliminated as much added salt, oil, and sugar from his diet as possible. After a couple of years, we check back in with John to see if the WFPB diet has had any impact. 

Filmmaker, Christina Rose

On our first day of filming with Glenn, I was immediately convinced that there was something to the WFPB diet. I stopped eating animal and dairy products in May of 2015. Immediately I felt the benefits of the WFPB diet in my overall health. I lost weight, slept better, and had more energy.

I am convinced that there is something to this WFPB business that I need to share. I am not waiting for a medical doctor to tell me that I have cancer when evidence suggests we can beat it before it happens. 

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