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Leojeany Brand Announces Photography Plans



A model styling brand in New York recently spread the word it would move into photography. The brand, Leojeany, is known by models all around the area and celebrated for its daring approach á la mode.

Originally from XinJiang, China, Leojeany currently operates out of Manhattan, New York City styling models around the area and preparing them for shows. The brand has a background in prepping models for shoots, introducing new styles to the world of high-fashion with casual and crazy hair and makeup, each constructed by the founder himself.

“I’d like to normalize the word crazy,” claims the creator of Leojeany, Leo Li. 

Li is the stylist, model, actor, and influencer running the brand. The young college student has a long fashion history, often picking up on trends before others do due to his curated eye for innovative design.

Now, the Leojeany brand prefers a look that stands out, one that shocks viewers and is extreme on every level. Styling people around the area is a mark of the Leojeany brand and company clients are often caught in loud and vibrant colors. Li wishes for Leojeany to push fashion boundaries, keeping a tendency toward tall, bold choices and crazy cuts, while still ensuring that the taste stays trendy and applicable. 

The talent behind Leojeany has expertise in styling models, many of whom also know Li as a friend and influencer. Many of the Leojeany clients come from this pool of real relationships and genuine connections, NYC residents spreading the Leojeany name through good experiences and word-of-mouth. 

The rest of the marketing required for the Leojeany brand is done only through social media, which Li claims to be a great mode of extra Leojeany exposure. 

Through Instagram, Leojeany covers large fashion events, which included several shows from New York Fashion Week in September 2019. The videos and photos feature Leojeany inspirations á la mode, many of which the brand discovered at Fashion Week. Images of stunning architecture, interesting people, and dazzling dress decorate the page, along with a few images taken of Li at New York Fashion Week networking events. Through this medium, models from everywhere are drawn to Leojeany, attracted to the exciting look of the long stage. 

Proof of the life of Leojeany can be found on each of its social media handles, platforms which expose to his fashion followers the Leojeany adventures, encouraging them to follow along with the Leojeany journey. As a marketing strategy, Leojeany’s handles strive to be as unique as possible to its one-of-a-kind personality. The content viewers enjoy is bold, fun, and exciting just as the Leojeany style intends to be. Yet, when one looks closely at the photos, one noticed a special quality to them.

As Leojeany expands more into photography, Li hopes for Leojeany content to stay authentic yet classy, casual yet highly fashionable. Right now, all photos are taken with the transparency of a phone camera. Leojeany hopes to move into photography by cultivating a community of like-minded, genuine individuals around the brand.

Living in what Li calls the “best city in the world” has motivated the brand’s creativity and Li plans to spread the company around the Manhattan, NY area. But with a passion for traveling, Li isn’t opposed to potentially partnering with brands and shooting models around the world, spreading the Leojeany look.

Leojeany is a fashion photography and styling company based in Manhattan that offers customized photo sessions, personal style tips, makeup services, and more.

Company Website: https://leojeany.net/ 

Company Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leojeany/?hl=en
Contact Leo Li at [email protected]

Company Socials: @leojeany